Welcome to NAZOLOGY. This is my own NASCAR ratings system that I came up with in 2007 in an attempt to better gauge which drivers will have the better showing at each Sprint Cup Series race. This system favors individual track performance and momentum. 

I only uses driver results from the past 5 years. Drivers get points for wins/top5's/top10's for the specific track, for the current season and for the previous two races. Each driver is also given additional points for each practice and qualifying session. And to make things even better, the drivers are ranked BEFORE practice, AFTER each practice and THEN AGAIN AFTER qualifying. Now how many NASCAR ranking systems continuously change according to the drivers active performance? NONE! Thanks for stopping by!

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Click on the link next to each race to see the ratings.

1. Daytona 500/February 26th 12:00ET on FOX:

2. Subway Fresh Fit 500/Phoenix/March 4th 2:30ET on FOX:

3. Kobalt Tools 400/Las Vegas/March 11th 2:30ET on FOX:

4. Food City 500/Bristol/March 18th 12:30ET on FOX

5. Auto Club 400/Fontana/March 25th 2:30ET on FOX

6. Goody's Fast Relief 500/Martinsville/April 1st 12:30ET on FOX

7. Samsung Mobile 500/Texas/April 14th 7:00ET on Fox

8. STP 400/Kansas/April 22nd 12:30ET on FOX

9. Richmond 400/Richmond/April 28th 7:00ET on FOX

10. Aaron's 499/Talladega/May 6th 12:00ET on FOX


Ratings system further explained. //The drivers highlighted in red are the top five for that ranking period.//The wins, top5's, top10's 'at track' only use data from the previous 5 seasons, with a max of 3 for each of the 3 categories.//Only practice sessions 1 and 3 are used(unless there are only 2 sessions). The reason for this is to better rate & judge the teams' performance right off of the truck(P1 session), and the teams performance after final adjustments have been made(P3 session).//If there is a tie in ratings points between two or more drivers, the driver with the better 'at track' points total will be given the higher ranking. If the 'at track' points are the same, the drivers' previous race finishes will determine the higher ranking. Tie's usually only occur in the 'pre-practice' totals.//Column 'P': This ranking column will show the rank for the 1st AND 3rd practice sessions. Once practice one is completed column 'P' will display the rankings for that session. Once practice session 3 is completed, column 'P' will then display the ranking after session three.//Practice and qualifying points procedure: This example is based on 46 cars practicing and qualifying. 1st in practice will be granted 4.6 points plus 1.5 points for claiming the 'practice pole'. Bringing the 1st place drivers total in practice to 6.1 points for that session. 2nd will be granted 4.5 points. 3rd 4.4 points. 4th 4.3 points and so on. Drivers who finish 2nd-5th will have an additional point added to their total for practicing/qualifying in the top 5. Drivers who finish 6th-10th will have an additional .5 point added to their total for practicing/qualifying in the top 10. 11-46 are not given any bonus position points. Each practice and qualifying session total is added to the pre-practice rating giving the driver his/her final total for the race.

*All calculations, ideation's and NAZOLOGY rating procedures of this ranking format are the sole property of Jeremy S. Hughes

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