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Disregard my message, I'm getting old and senile.  LOL -- Roushkateer

The league filled in less than 42 hours. We have last years champions Big daddy (shane) and a past champion that have not made it in this league. we may need to have a qualifying. to make room for players who did not make it in. also a top 35 in points Mizzi is also out.  please if you are a past player who did not make it in we are going to be working on trying to form another league. From there we can get groups sorted out. Please leave a post here to let us know you are wanting in or if you are past player (top 35 team). Roush and shane, I am very sorry that I did not contact you to inform you. I wish I had come back and locked out the last five seats. I take full blame for this debacle. I just never figured that the demand was so high this year. My apologies, we will find a seat for our past champions. I'm sure some will be willing to move to the second league to allow our past champions the challenge they earned. 

More updates will be posted here as i have more info available. 


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