I just had a thought about this new sponsor.already they changed the long time label "the cup series" to "nascars top premier series" I wonder what else they will change.I know nascar was very desperate to close a deal with a sponsor but I wonder at what cost.

when Nextel,aka sprint, came to the cup series all other phone sponsors were banned from sponsoring individual cars so will monster do the same?there are a lot of drink sponsored cars out there.

and the other thing about this deal I couldn't stop thinking about is why nascar would be ok to allow something like energy drink that is known to killing young kids to sponsor their series?their are kids in jr high and high school dieing from drinking this garbage,2 just from my small town in the last 5 energy drinks are no different than Winston ciggarettes if you ask me.

I know im a critic to change but damn,thats all they've done to the sport over the last 10 years and made it worse.its like a pretty lady getting plastic surgery after surgery until shes ugly and unrecognizable.

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tombo, u do have a point about energy drinks,,i have read that also about kids mixing the drinks with alcohol and dying from it,,i think that they consumed a large number of the drinks within a short period of time.  on the other hand, nascar advertises a certain fuel also and kids have died huffing gas,,,i guess the answer is adequate  warning and education, and parental diligence.

yep,the mixed drinks are called "bombs" ,but the kids that died here were at school not mixing them,just drinkin collapsed on the track while running after drinking an energy drink before practice.

these energy drinks are hurting and killing people while being used as they supposed to unlike fuel being used improperly.


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