OK, I know iRacing is a big deal with its realism and all.  But if you don't know about the greatest game in Nascar history, NR2003, then you have not lived yet.  Don't let the 2003 fool you - its as up to date as any video game on the market, with the exception of double file restarts.  Its free and it can be played both online and offline.  But the best part is the mods.  The game was the last Nascar product by Papyrus, whose designers have moved to iRacing now.  But the game was designed so that people could modify tracks, cars, and a whole mess of settings that allow it to be constantly upgradable.  Do yourself a favor and check it out!!!

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Free?!? That's illegal!

Not necessarily. If it's been made freeware/abandonware, you can do what you want with it.


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