ok everybody, let's get the ball rolling. Last year, we wanted to have a cup league and an NNS league, but I can't see a way to set it up like we wanted to (top 25 from both leagues in Cup league, bottom 25 in both in NNS).

The leagues hold 50 players each, so first come first serve. Go to the following link (must have a Yahoo account) and join league number 1398, password is kiosk.

Once that one is full, we'll make a second league, and a third if necessary.

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29 of us there now.....:-)

Dave, I just got my name in.  Thanks and this is going to be a great year


I raced in the 2nd group last season to get in the 1st group this season and finish 2nd. What happen ? 

I finished 3rd, right behind you... apparently 14Smoke said that Dave isn't going to be doing that format anymore.

The 1st one is full...


When will the 2nd league be started? Ty

Waiting for the second league to start. Go Junior!


check your emails for info on league 2.
my apologies about the format we were going to do, but i realized that I didn't run one of the leagues last year, so i couldn't go back and set who was in what league.

I didnt get anything in email ty

my fantasy league is spacegodzilla motorsports 

Is there another League, the one above is full?


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