Now I will admit that I was away Friday thru just now, and did not see the truck race on Friday. But from what I have seen, as they came into the corner Hornaday was ahead of Kyle Busch with a slower car in front of them.

According to Kyle Busch, Hornaday should have let up and let him run thru the corner. Where in the heck is it written that a leading driver should let up and let the trailing car go ahead?

Hornaday was running for the championship and Kyle was not. To me it was a no brainer. Kyle is the one who should have let up if he didn't want to go 3 wide as he accused Hornaday of doing.

So, as it turned out they went 3 wide and that forced Hornaday to get loose and he ran up the track and the two of them got into each other. Just a racing deal. Any other driver would have thought the same thing and just went to the pits and fixed up their cars so they could complete the race.

But, of course with Kyle Busch, he thinks he owns the track and Hornaday should have just let him go by. What a joke!

There is no other way to see this deal! NO OTHER WAY!

As we all have seen time and time again, Kyle Busch has a terrible temper and needs to rein it in. We all know Kyle will not do it himself, so NASCAR needs to do something drastic to make this young man to understand the ramifications of what he has done.

Just sitting out this weekend will NOT do it. Kyle Busch needs a much heavier penalty, much heavier! In my opinion making Kyle sitting out this weekend out was a good start, but in addition there should be a huge points penalty and a bigger monetary fine. HUGE! I'll leave that up to NASCAR to figure out.

I'm sure all you Kyle Busch fans will not like what I just had to say, but it is the only way to get Kyle Busch to understand the consequences of what he has done. What if Ron Hornaday had been hurt or killed? Would it have been considered intentional vehicle homicide or at the very least, unintentional vehicle homicide?

I will let you all decide that for yourselves. At the very least, Kyle deserves a much tougher penalty for what he did!!!!!!



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For once, Woody, I agree. The first contact was just a racing deal, nobody's fault. One of them had to give to avoid hitting the lapped truck, but neither did. Nobody's fault, I wouldn't have given either. Kyle's retaliation, on the other hand.....was not necessary. NASCAR should follow this up by suspending him for the rest of the season in all three series, and fine him at least $100,000, if not more. I wouldn't dock points, however, since the actual incident occurred in a different series than Cup. But since he's out of the championship run in Cup, missing the rest wouldn't hurt him. And he doesn't get points in Nationwide or Truck.

For years, NASCAR has tolerated Busch's childish acts, now they have made the first step in teaching him a lesson. Make it go a bit further, and let Busch know that that type of petty racing will NOT be tolerated.

I agree Duh, if I was Kyle or Ron I would not have let up either. Just a racing deal. The real issue here is what would have been the ramifications if Hornaday had been hurt or killed!

Actually Duh, owner points can be deducted and Kyle's car was in the running for the Owners Championship.

Yeah, I didn't think of that. But I was talking about driver points. Deducting owner's points in Truck would make lots of sense.

I agree Woody..And I think the Sponsorship of the #18 is going to be in jeapardy. It's a shame that a stupid act that he did in his own Truck will affect Joe Gibbs but JGR has known all alone that he was a losse cannon...Hendricks sure did.

Kyle just doesn't get it.... He has been fired before and continues to show his ### time after time. As it was said today.. the sport does NOT need him... it will go on with or without him. I'm sick of watching him and his arrogance and at this point, I hope he pays for this. Sad but true... I tried to see him differently but he just keeps on and on...




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