I believe firmly that NASCAR is bad for the environment.

The engines are non-EPA regulated, they burn gas at ridiculous rates, & waste tires not only during main events but through test runs and practices.

In one race weekend, upwards of 120,000 pounds of CO2 may be emitted, leaving NASCAR's yearly carbon footprint around 4 million pounds. (For comparison, the average American's lifetime carbon footprint is around 40,000 pounds). 

Even NASCAR's recent "Green Initiative" isn't all that green. Ethanol based fuel lowers the average mile per gallon and the corn Ethanol comes from is typically unethically sourced through pesticides that pollute the water and air. 

It is estimated that each racing team disposes of about ten tires per race. If not recycled properly, they will spend years in a landfill, with the possibility of burning or melting and thus, polluting the air even more.

And I won't even mention the litter produced at the race day events, the cars that all drive to the events (as they undoubtedly produce a large crowd!) and the light and noise pollution further produced.

So please NASCAR & fans alike, green up your act! You are contributing to global warming and it is undeniable. 

Consider the aforementioned and please love the air as much as you love the sport because you can't have both.

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so, Maggie, if u feel that way, WHY did u want to join this site??

What are you talking about??????

very well said, sync,,,thank u...go 24.

u did make some valid points, Maggie.  but as much as we, as fans, bitch and complain about nascar, or the running of it, none of us want it to go away.  we all love it.

just think about all the mlb,nfl,nhl,ect. teams that travel by plane several days a week back and forth across the country all year long.

im sure that doesn't bother you tho.

For the love of God Maggie, cheer the hell up... :-) ...


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