Well I will miss Marcos when he leaves Nascar. But he's heading back to an exciting career with Penske in the V8 SuperCars Series.

5litre - 635-650hp cars that can really handle.

Harvick had close call with a squirrel -- Aussies have to look out for Kangaroos every now and again lol

Technical Details of a V8 Supercar

Vehicle Ford Falcon FG, Holden Commodore VF, Nissan Altima, E63 AMG
Engine 5.0 litre naturally aspirated V8
Power Estimated 635+ bhp
Electronics Control MoTeC package including M190 ECU, Power Distribution Module, driver dash.
Transmission Control Albins ST6 6 speed sequential Transaxle with integrated spool differential.
Axles Control parts from Race Products
Clutch Triple plate carbon 7 and ¼ inch
Suspension Front

Double wishbone suspension with adjustable damper and cockpit adjustable front anti-roll bar.


Control Independent rear suspension with adjustable damper and cockpit adjustable anti-roll bar.

Brakes Front

AP Racing 6 piston caliper, 395mm ventilated discs


AP Racing 4 piston caliper, 355mm ventilated discs

Wheels Control Rimstock 18” x 11” forged aluminium 
Tyres Dunlop control tyre
Steering Control Colapsible Steering column from Woodward
Fire Extinguising System Control package from Lifeline
Windscreen Polycarbonate
Chassis and Rollcage Control design from Pace Innovations
Fuel Capacity (sprint/enduro events TBA and 112L
Weight 1400KG (With Driver)
Top Speed 298+ kph


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You want to see a kangaroo, just watch Bathurst this week. There's almost always at least one at some point during the weekend that is either hit or almost hit. Last year it was Todd Kelly during the race itself. 

And just some extra facts:

  • There is also the Volvo S60 running 2 cars, they started this year.
  • Next year it will be the Falcon FG X, the final model before the plant shutdown in late 2016.
  • Sprint race fuel tank is 80L.There is also a compulsory 100L required intake during the 200km races, which means at least 2 pitstops. 
  • Speaking of required stops, there are 4 and 7 at Sandown and Bathurst respectively. If the Gold Coast (the other enduro) is the same as last year it will be 3 in each race.
  • The 0-100 speed depends on the track grip, but the best is something like just over 3 seconds.
  • And the top speed is also track dependant, as they run different ratios, but 298 is the best they get with the longest ratio and 7500rpm rev limiter, which will also be this weekend at Bathurst, on Conrod Straight.

Thanks Randomness. I love those V8 Supercars.

So in 2016 when all Ford manufacturing plants shut down in Australia, their racing program shuts down as well? It was a sad day many years ago when Chrysler pull out too. They had awesome cars, the hemi slant 6, etc.

Not sure at this stage, there is some talk that 2 door cars might be allowed so that they could use the Mustang.

Holden is only a year behind as well, 2017 is their closedown date.

Well that sucks Randomness. A lot of unique vehicles and engines have come from Australia. Canada use to have it's unique engines and cars that were different than their U.S. model would be.. Pontiacs used bigger blocks and bodies than in the USA.. they are gone of course...


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