Well from what I can see there will be on and off rain all weekend down here in south Florida. They are calling for showers around 6pm Sunday, and if this is true, crews better be prepared. Now we all know how weather predictions go, but this must might add another calculation into the mix, or just a late night before we figure out who wins the Championship!

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The last thing NASCAR needs is their champion being decided by rain. Like if Edwards is in the middle of a pit stop when rain comes, and Stewart hasn't made his stop yet, Stewart would win the championship should the race be canceled.

The forecast calls for showers around 6pm Duh, and then it should clear up and they should be able to get the race in. Don't fret, just figures! It don't rain all summer and then when winter season comes and it is supposed to dry up it rains the whole weekend! But like you, weather forecasters are not the best at predicting. Just kidding on that one!

I think God is mad because Jimmie isn't in it - ha!ha!

They will get the race in sometime. It won't be cancelled. Everytime I've been to Daytona Speedway it's rained, but it's always cleared, and the race has always gone.

Well, I said weather forecaster said around 6pm. Looks like the they were off by about an hour or so!

lmbo Micheal, well Tony has passed the entire field at least twice. Carl had better watch his rear view mirror!

As of lap 110, Tony had passed 49 cars. But Carl was in 1st practically the entire time. It's getting close here towards the end......but "Cousin Carl" still has the edge!!!

Whoda thunk I would be rooting for Stewart -please please no Fliptard tonight!!!

LMBO, Fliptard What a great name!!!!!!!!!!!

Great race. They both did great but Tony did greater! They said that by the time it was over, Tony had passed 118 cars! He won through speed, skill and pure determination. Can't believe after that kind of performance, Darian Grubb is going to be gone. That seems nuts....


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