I was starting to get a little crabby about the Cup races. Seems like every week, I watch all the drivers I root for go down for one reason or another - a wreck, a pit road penalty, illness, a sinkhole. Well, no, that last hasn't actually happened yet but the way things are going, it wouldn't surprise me. And in the end, it is one of the Toyotas that come along and win the thing. I know, I's the way fans of other drivers felt when Jimmie was winning so much while I was being triumphant. But knowing doesn't make it any easier. And I'm not just focused on Jimmie. It doesn't have to be him. It could be Junior, Chase Elliott, Kyle Larson, Ryan Blaney, Danica. Any of them winning would suit me just fine. I was happy for Tony coming in second in the Cup race. He's now safely in the Chase. No worries. He doesn't have to win it all but I didn't want his final year to be a dud.

New Hampshire wasn't especially exciting but you can't expect every race to be a thrill a minute. It sure looked like the crowd was rather pathetic judging by what I could see watching television.

I thought Alex Bowman did a fine job in the 88 subbing for Junior although he too experienced hard luck, like so many others, and wound up coming in 26th.

I hate knowing Junior is missing races due to concussion-like symptoms but I absolutely think he is doing the right thing. Your long-term health is way more important than even a championship, no matter how badly you want it. I would hate to see Junior end up slow and halting like Mohammed Ali was at the end. I might risk a lot of things for the chance at a championship but my brain wouldn't be one of them.

And even though I don't like the reason for it, I am looking forward to seeing Jeff back at Indianapolis, probably his very favorite track.

Matt Kenseth won the race but failed post-race inspection. He will lose 15 driver's points which is the only part of the penalty that has much impact on the team....and that's not much considering where he is, and probably will remain, in the standings.

I don't know enough about cars to understand exactly what these infractions involve but there were so many after New Hampshire that either lots of teams are fudging or NASCAR has made the box so tight that it is almost impossible to stay within the lines. My inclination is to believe it is the latter.

I did finally get to yell and cheer when Kyle Larson won the Camping World Trucks race at Eldora on Wednesday. I love watching that kid on dirt. He is simply amazing. Now to win a Cup race!

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I was upset when the #63 blew the tire with 25 to go,he should have won...


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