OK, so let's get one thing straight here...not everyone is happy Kyle Busch won the Championship. Now you can't expect everyone to be happy for TWO reasons.

1. Being that there is 43 drivers in the field, every NASCAR fan has a favorite driver, meaning that all drivers have fans, some just more than others.

2.  I've been talking to a lot of friends, and TONS of people are NOT HAPPY with the new Chase format that NASCAR made for this season.

So how about I sum up the drama surrounding Kyle Busch winning all in a sentence or two?  

SUMMARY:  Kyle Busch gets an injury at Daytona, missing 11 races at the start of the season. When he comes back, he needs to finish in the top 30 in points to qualify. Now we fast forward to the Chase where he passes each round to make it to the end where he wins the Championship.

Now there's no need for the bullshit comments where we go on and on about how if the Chase format was different Kyle would have never won the Championship. It is what it is. 

No doubt Kyle is a talented driver, and winning all the races he has won PROVES that. Nobody here can argue that, as Kyle is a winning driver and it was only time till he would win a Championship. 

Here's my point to end off. We don't need anymore Kyle Busch drama. The season is OVER. No matter what anyone says about how Kyle did not deserve to win won't change things. NASCAR wanted to shake things up, and I commend them for trying. Whether or not it worked, it's done. The season is over, and Kyle Busch is Champion. Yea, I would have preferred Gordon to win as it was his final season, and it would have been a great way to go out...but that didn't happen, and I commend him for an amazing career. 

In short, I gotta congratulate Kyle for winning the Championship. He's a talented driver. His Crew Chief won his first Championship too, which is awesome, and his pit crew did a great job as well. It's a full team effort, not just the driver.

So thanks for taking the time to reading this, and let's try to keep this drama free,



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good summary, moritz,,ty

no one denies his skills,its the hand crafted championship from nascar that is whats in questioning here but like you and I have both said it is in the books as him being the champion.

now how he got it,well it will be talked about for years but it is a championship and he got it by NASCARS "RULES".




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