Is this the year for him? Is it just me or does he not hook up with anyone for drafting at the larger tracks. Its like he gets stuck alone in a 3rd line and goes backwards.

Anyway just came from yahoo and not sure where to post here so this is a trial and error thing

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This is the right place to post this.. I dont know what the deal with KK, I know they dont have the new Dodge engine..Which PCR has.. Thats why Kurt has been so good this year....
Hello M E,

Welcome to's a whole different over here than on Yahoo...

I bailed out because I was tired of the BS ovet there. You are the same M E that was on Yahoo where, I believe, we became Brothers In Arms against masses???

There's not as much "action ovet here" but you are treated with respect and intelligence.

About Kahne: "9" Kasey is my favorite driver and has been since he came on the scene. I believe that Kasey is better on the 1 1/2 mile tracks where that Dodge can open up but he seems to have a problem in making the right decision to pass, as it seems, as you stated, he makes a move but nobody goes with him. He then gets "hung out to dry" and gets passed by an entire line until he can get squeeze back in, albeit, after losing 10 positions...
Hi guys and thanks for the welcome. Man what a problem on Y today, yes our post from sunday have been deleted. JoanieReb told me to come over here, but when logged in looked like noone was here.

Anyway, took a liking to Kahne his Rookie year, Newman is my favorite. There again I think he will make progress with that Chevy. Appears to have bugs worked out.
Kurt must have the new engine because pulled away at atlanta (think it was atlanta) Like him at the larger tracks
All the PCR have the new engine, the developed it last year. the other Dodge teams didnt because that didnt know what Manufacture thay would be with this years.. Both Petty and Gillett Evernham were very close to going to toyota this year.. now there way behind and have a ton of inventory of the old engines because Gillett Evernham used to lease engines...This is IMO is what makes AJA so good.. He is getting it done with that old engine..RPM guys will never do all that great at the cookie cutters, you really need some HP there..But they should be good at the plate races and short tracks...

Welcome to NN we have fun here and dont forget to check out live chat..Its on the bottom of your browser just click where it says NASCAR NATION/ online and the chat window will open
Ok thanks for the tip on the live chat. will look for it in the am, tired now, As of now I do not see NASCARNATION at the bottom It is just an never ending checkered flag
Ok found it. The way it is set up I thought I was going to chat with 100's of girls in my area LOL Logged on so I know it works
Yeah its not the one at the bottom of the page, it the one thats at the bottom of the browser, see where it says Nascar Nation... click on that

Tom, I don't have that. At the bottom of this page is badge, terms of service, etc. On my home page is an area about 3 inches high by 8 inches wide that is a black box, nothing in it. Looked on other pages for it and it is not there also. From what you displayed I have nothing like it. Thanks for the help. LOL the fool at yahoo is busy deleting more of my posts. what a productive life.
amazingly enough, he's 9th in points too.....
Ok able to get to chat from other comp, but some of us have problem with it freezing up. No green tab or chat on laptop, yes on tower, both wireless from same router. odd
i have same issues on wireless connection, although my connection is "borrowed" from my dads neighbor LOL


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