Watch for Harvick to try and win this weekend, even if he has to "move" another Chase driver out of the way to do it. Look for Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth to race Harvick hard and try and pin him this week hoping to advance the #18 team, and tap Harvick all of the way out of the Chase. Penske looks pretty good as far as advancing, and the #48 team needs only a 25th or better to advance. Factor in Kyle Busch's tenacity, and Clint Bowyer's do or die situation And it would seem that Harvick is the guy everyone will want to bump off right now before reloading for the next round. The #19 Team made NO secret at all about going after the #4 car in the first two races of this round. It's not like Harvick didn't paint a target on his own back the first week of the Chase (and pretty much his entire career. I know, because I WAS a Harvick fan after I lost my driver at Daytona in 2001) when he basically said that he wanted to "pound JGR into the ground." (So how is that little mind game playing out for you?)  I know there are some Harvick fans that will argue, but go back and watch this entire career. Go to You Tube and search "Kevin Harvick fights," but just make sure that you have plenty of time and get comfortable. I'm going to make a quick list... Wayne Gretzky, Nolan Ryan, Michael Jordon, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Gordie Howe, Emmitt Smith, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Roger Staubach. These are champions that transcended their sport. The one thing they all have in common? They shut the hell up and went to work and did their job. Three exceptions... Mohammad Ali, Dale Earnhardt Senior, and Dennis Rodman. They also ran their heads constantly, but the one thing they all had in common was multiple world championship titles by going to work every day and backing it up. Kevin Harvick is NOT Mohammad Ali, he is NOT Dennis Rodman, and he is certainly NOT Dale Earnhardt Senior. He's a great driver and a current champ, but sometimes I think it's better when we do what the better half tells us to do... "just shut up and drive."

Onward... Forward... Upward...

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Good piece,Mark.Harvick's "tough guy" act doesn't fool anyone but his fans.The next race is going to be dramatic...

that's why kyle runs from him,huh?

See Edu, that's the thing... Harvick spent so much of his career doing the "tough guy" thing, that when the fans and the other drivers realized that it was either grandstanding or a mind game everyone moved on including Harvick. He seemed to mature off of the track, and the results showed on the track. I give the devil his due... the dude can wheel, and his team is top notch. And sure, come Chase time every year Harvick usually picks a team in every round to try and put the screws to mentally, Jimmie Johnson does the same thing. But as some of these other drivers (especially Joey Logano) have stood their ground with guys like Harvick over the years, the focus seems to be about what happens ON the track.

 BTW... I know a lot of people like to poke at Delana, and I have made a few "fire suit" jokes myself since that deal at Pocono in 2010. But some of the crap that I've seen "fans" say about Harvick's wife and son on some of these threads makes me want to bitch slap some people. ESPECIALLY these "men" hiding behind a keyboard and talking that crap. Love Harvick or hate him, I do not care. But where I come from, a man's wife and kids are off limits and out of bounds. That's messed up. if I owned a race team, I'd hire Delana Harvick to run it in a heartbeat.




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