Funny thing, teams fail these inspections every week. The #88 team got a written warning two weeks ago as did a few other teams, several cars had pre-qualifying inspection issues at Bristol Friday, and two months ago when the #48 team had their warning, and then won their appeal, the haters and conspiracy folks went on about a one week terror. There are so many inspection issues and tolerances that week in and week out I could not really care any less. I love the passion and driver loyalty in this great sport, but sometimes the voracious nature of the “fans” drives me a little nuts. I put that word in quotation marks, because I often opine that perhaps they’re not really passionate fans, as much as they just like to troll the NASCAR chat boards and news sites and point out to us how easy it is to blame Bill France and the NASCAR Gestapo for “ruining this sport,” and “giving wins and championships to Chevy” than it is for them to simply do what they always say they are going to do and “leave NASCAR forever?”

I have watched a user (name withheld), declare in July that he was “leaving NASCAR forever” over the deal with the Confederate Battle Flag (which NASCAR requested, and is optional), and then again (same user) after Joey Logano won Watkin’s Glenn because he swore that Harvick pulled over (in a Chevy), and let “a Toyota win!” (forget telling the dude Logano drives a Ford), and that once again he was “leaving NASCAR forever!” I replied “good, will you be taking your Rebel Flag (avitar) with you?” He thought that he was p-o’d, so I made sure he KNEW he was p-o’d… no charge!

The Bristol race was awesome from where I was sitting (sofa recliner), and I have to say that the BBQ was out of bounds. Joey BEAT Harvick, just like he did at The Glenn, and I loved it! Maybe one of these days the other drivers besides Brad Keselowski will congratulate Logano and take notice, or maybe they’ll keep passing him of as a “spoiled little rich kid” and not notice him driving by? Have a great week peeps, and be blessed. Please keep Justin Wilson, his loved ones, and his team in your hearts.

Onward… Forward… Upward…

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im not leaving anytime soon,my driver is the hottest driver out there right now.12 of 24 races my driver has finished in the top 2.

all but 3 races in the top 10.

nascar does help out and script the races as much as they can but as long as there are those shiny,fast cars on the track I don't care whos driving or winning,ill be watching.....and bichin..

looks like almost half of the fans have left since last year.

this is a serious issue.thats a dramatic drop in one years time.what could it be?

nascar possibly rigging it?

nascar banning the rebel flag?

nascar chase,or new rules packges every other week?

im not sure,like I said I love cars and as long as someone in some car with a number and bright colors goes fast,im not going anywhere.

You're right,Mark.NASCAR sites are kind of unbearable lately.If their drivers aren't winning,it's rigged.If a driver thay don't like is winning,it's rigged.I wish those conspiracy trolls would leave for good.They give us true racing fans a real bad name...

mark is right.some people are here to over love their favorite driver and hate on those who don't have a man crush on that same driver too.

I wish those trolls would leave for good.they give us REAL fans a very bad name....

Good self-description,tombo...

of you...

unlike you im on here all day everyday posting about all drivers,good bad,happy and sad.

you come on here to smeer kyle in our face and to bash us that don't care for him,but I don't mind.i like to see you try..

You're the who formed a hate group here.Poor troll.Done...

disliking a driver doesn't make me a troll.

smeering my driver in others faces and hating those who don't love him is what you do and is what makes a troll a troll,troll.

I'm really sorry,Mark.You always write good articles and don't deserve crap like this on them...

yes im sorry too mark for this guy trolling here tonight.ill have a talk with eve about this.




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to all members, I know that we all miss our Nascar racing, and we r sick of being under quarantine, but there is iracing...for those who enjoy it.  myself, I just can't get into it.   I fervently hope that real racing occurs soon.  as to the…Continue

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