HI all my old friends on here. I am not sure how we become friends but I finally left the old ruined site and am on here now. I was and am 99NasCARLfan/Sandi if you recognize my name. I clicked on Friends, and it told me I HAD NO FRIENDS! Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


I need to see Boots and Covi and Smoke and Ben and Ovh and Mo#5 and Mojo and Woody and all you others that already made your way over here.


I just need a lot of help navigating over here. I keep hearing some type of beeping so not sure what that is??????????


Don't really like road course races but will be watching them anyway! Hi Yall!!!!!


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Hey ya'll - Lynda of Lewis from "the old site" here - the X-Crew Chief from Sunriser's Chat Crew  :(  I'm not watching the race - don't like road races either.


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