Hey, NASCAR folks!!!  I'm new here - just got my membership apporved yesterday but I'm glad to be here after a self-imposed NASCAR drought of 17 years.  Yes, I stopped watching NASCAR races after my favorite driver of all time, Dale Earnhardt, Sr., was tragically killed at Daytona.  That is a day I'll never, ever forget and I know that a lot of us here won't ever forget it.  

I got interested in NASCAR in the 1990s and I remember seeing Dale, Sr. win his first Daytona 500 never imagining that he would perish at the same track just three years later in what appeared to be a minor crash....but, I guess when you go from 190 MPH to 0 in no time that's what happens.....:'(  

I am absolutely thrilled to be here!  I will admit that I'm a huge Elvis Presley fan, as well, so I'll split my time between Elvis forums and here.  :)  

Just a few basics about myself:  

I'm 42 and disabled with mild Cerebral Palsy & Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and have been since birth.  I'm also a T2 diabetic so....that's not fun.  I've also got pretty sever back issues.  Those last two health issues unfortunately forced me to give up my life as a musician/singer.  Of course, Elvis Presley is a huge influence on me - plus his former bandmembers like James Burton, Ronnie Tutt, Jerry Scheff, Glen D. Hardin.  :)  I can play several instruments: 

Guitars:  Acoustic/electric/bass/B-bender

That's me in a nutshell.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this great community!

God Bless, 
Tony Trout 

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thx for introducing yourself, tony, and I hope u will enjoy it here,,,our chat does slow down in off season, but on race days we have a good time..big happy family,,interesting to hear about your musical talent too.

ps, tony,,,check out some of our groups,,,writer's corner, jokes, and look over the fantasy games we run here,,,be ready to play when Daytona comes,,,

Oh, I'll most definitely be ready when the green flag drops for the 2019 Daytona 500!!!  (BTW, I forgot to mention that I'm legally blind in my left eye and my sight in my right eye isn't all that great either.  So, if you see me posting in large fonts, that's the reason why).  :)  

Lots to do here!




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