Today in the NNS race we saw yet another car go into the catch fence. I have once before said my views on why this keeps happening. There is only one thing I can think of to change this from happening. Some will say speed. It plays a part in this. Some say pack racing. It too plays a part in this. The biggest factor I see and common denominator in every catch fence accident is the car that left the ground was turned backwards.

As you can see from this picture, this is where the problem begins, as the wheels are leaving the ground. The shape of the rear of these cars acts like wedge packing the air in under it tight, causing it to lift the car off the track, where it can be thrown into the catch fence. A simple design change to bring the rear body down to the ground so that air can not be packed under it would stop a lot of the lift these cars get when turned Backwards. 

To me, I don't care what they do to anything else, it will all be for not if they don't get rid of the one flaw this car has. A wedge to build air under the car so it can lift it off the ground, so that the passing traffic can push it to the catch fence.  That pic above is the best example of where this all starts to go so wrong...

what is your take on this topic? 


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that makes a lot of sense, motor.  i hope something is done to correct that flaw in the car's design. 

they could put "trunk flaps"  on them like the roof flaps to help.


Really? how would that work? No wind would ever get to them, there is a tail on the back that would block the air keeping them from ever deploying... the only way i see is to bring the back of the car to the ground to stop the wedge of air. I'm all ears if you have a serious suggestion or would like to expand on how this might work...


another thing i noticed with this race and the last race a car went into the fence was keselowski.

you really ought to delete this post it makes you look like you don't think about what you say...

Blaming kes for this is pretty stupid. This is a serious topic that you failed to be serious about. The last time a car went into the catch fence was Brad and it was because Carl (A.K.A the jack ass) understood if you got a car backwards it would come off the ground. Before that it was Carl blocking, just like what Regan did.

Common scenarios are high speeds, car turned backwards and large packs... I can find a picture that looks just like the one on this post for every car that has gone into the catch fence. They all leave the ground when backwards...


it is the truth motor,keselowski has been involved in the last three so it dont make it look like idont know what to say,and the trunk flaps would work, i bet they do something like that to that back of the cars somewhere.

I apologize, to me it came across as you were blaming Kes for this. This is not blaming a driver. you are right kes has been there in all of the last 3 but one was blocking, one was a cheap shot and the other was he just happened to be in the same area... So I really don't see any point in that comment. I did take it the wrong way though. 

I don't know how a trunk flap would work, being there is a fixed tail there to block any air from ever deploying it... one thing for sure is we hav e not seen the last of this until they figure out how to keep a backwards car on the track... 

Here is the last 2 to hit a catch fence. 

Just to make my point the back always goes up 1st. Keep the air out from under the light rear end and this will stop happening.. 

The bad effect could be that air would build under the back while traveling forward. This could be remedied by having a hinged flap across the bottom allow it to let air out until turned backwards where it would make a wall blocking the air from entering under the light rear end of this car.. 

This is a serious issue and I think wind testing should be done on these cars backwards, to see the true effect of the design of this car. We will continue to see this happen when cars at great speeds get turned around until this problem is tested and addressed. 





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