I found this forum doing a google search.  My name is Lee.  I'm 62 years old, as of today.  I live it Flowery Branch, GA.  I am a native Georgian, grew up just South of Atlanta, in DeKalb County.  I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps before being forced to retire, due to diabetes.  I am a college graduate.  I hold a pilot's certificate, with aerobatic and tailwheel ratings, am a liscensed skydiver and SCUBA diver, (started doing both, while in the Corps, as both were required to be a Force Recon Marine) and am an avid biker, have had two Harley-Davidsons, currently bike less, though hopefully, that will change in the future.  I am a LIFE LONG, AVID, HARDCORE NASCAR (and other stock car racing series) fan.  I started following NASCAR, in 1958, at the age of 5.  My dad was a big fan and he passed his love of racing on to me.  He took me to see my first live race, the following year, 1959, at Lakewood Speedway, at the old Southeastern Fairgrounds.  That was the last race that the old NASCAR Grand National Division (now, the Sprint Cup Series) ran there, the following year, the series moved to the new Atlanta International Raceway (now, Atlanta Motor Speedway).  We went to every race run at AIR, until I left for the Marine Corps.  I've been to practically every track that NASCAR ran/runs on over the years.  Racing runs in my family, as I am distantly related to the owners of one of the Sprint Cup teams, I won't drop names, as it really isn't a close relation and I've only met them a couple of time over the years.  My dad knew Junior Johnson, so like I say, I am a life long fan. Drove some local, amateur races in Georgia back in the 70s and in the Carolinas, in the 80s.  Actually got to practice a Winston Cup Grand National car, but ran out of money before we could race.  All and all, I love stock car racing, especially NASCAR stock car racing, to the point that stock car racing is all that I care about, racing wise.  I will watch an occasional drag race, but outside of that, I care little to nothing about anything else, with regards to racing!  So, Thank You for letting me become a member of  I look forward to discussion my favorite sport with all of you!  Everyone have an OUTSTANDING Day!

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welcome again to nascar nation, lee.  we r very lucky to have u here. u have a rich and interesting background in racing knowledge. 

I hope u will enjoy being here with us, we have a nice group of people here and usually get along fine..we r fans of different drivers and sometimes get a little fired up when others opinions differ from ours.  lol.  but we try to debate in a civil manner.

there r fantasy games to join if u would like to do that.  u will find them in the groups...I invite u to play the white elephant game, which I run.  also there r groups of different interests u might like....look them over.  the joke group is fun, and if u like to write original material there is a group for that: writer's corner. 

to read your messages, indicated by the number behind them, just click, and when the message page comes up, click the subject....also, try to upload a pic for your profile av,,,anything u want...if u need help with anything else, ask anyone, we r all glad to help.

and last but not least, wishing u a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.....enjoy!!

Welcome to NascarNation!  Happy Birthday!  If you have any questions about the site, any of us members would be glad to help ya out.

Hey, welcome to NN Lee!  Hope you have a great birthday, and I look forward to seeing you around on this site!  If you're interested, feel free to check out the variety of fantasy games offered! We'd all love to have you join in and play!



we need more old school fans here,glad you could join.


Be welcome and Happy Birthday,Lee!

Thank you for the welcome everyone.  I won't agree that y'all are lucky to have me here, it's the other way around, I am lucky that y'all allowed me to join and become a member.  I've been extremely lucky, throughout my life, to be at the right places at the right time. to see much of NASCAR'S history unfold in front of me.  I was lucky that I grew up in a family that loves racing and has ties to racing. 

Old school, yes, I am!  I like NASCAR, the way it use to be, more than the way it is now.  I don't agree with the new directions that the sport is taking.  I personally do not like the chase.  I much prefer the old style runs for the championship.  I detest the way that they qualify for many of the races now!  I much prefer the old, traditional, single car qualifying.  What I dislike, more than anything else is what they have done to the schedule!  Rockingham and North Wilkesboro should have NEVER been dropped from the schedule!  Kansas City and Phoenix DO NOT need two races, one should have gone back to Rockingham and an the other to North Wilkesboro!  It is probably too late to save both of these TRADITIONAL NASCAR tracks now.  I would like to see Iowa added to the schedule.  It is a great track and I believe Cup would put on a GREAT race there!  The superspeedway in Nashville would also be a good addition to the schedule and I would like for someone to buy Memphis Motorsport Park and put the 3/4 mile oval back in racing shape and run a Cup race there, nice little short track! 

As I stated, I am not a fan of road-racing!  I personally don't think it belongs in stock car racing.  Road-racing is for sportscars and for those indy things, which I am NOT a fan of either!  I really had to scratch my head, when I learned that NASCAR had purchased Road Atlanta, which is located only 8 miles from where I live, I don't care for that kind of racing, so it might as well be a million miles from here as far as I am concerned.  I know that they own and operate a sportscar series, but I don't see the justification for buying that track, I doubt (and PRAY) that NASCAR will ever run there, so like I say, that purchase made NO sense, what so ever! 

So, there are a few things to discuss.  I, unfortunately, still have to work, doubt I will ever be able to retire, so I stay pretty busy during the week days.  I'll likely be on more during the weekends, when I am not working.  Gotta sign off now and go to bed. 4:00 am comes awful early.  Y'all have a great evening -- I'll see you later.



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