I have listened to Harvick's post race comments for the last few weeks, and I'm starting to see a defeatist's disposition. His post race interview on NASCAR Press Pass last week was beyond rude, his calling his team out (even in the NNWS this week),and his attitude in post race on TNT Saturday was more sour grapes than I've seen from a driver in quite some time. I understand his desire to win, pas...sion, competitive nature or whatever you want to call it, but am wondering how long it will be before we see it boil over onto the track, and towards other drivers? Stewart has gotten his team off to a rough start this year and I've seen him put the bumper to a few drivers that he normally races pretty well with. We've all seen what a temperamental driver can and will do when they get desperate for a win. But, when Tony Stewart, and Kurt Busch are having a worse season, and are more tame in front of the camera than Harvick? For what it's worth, even Kyle Busch had a great demeanor in his post race interview, and we all know how upset he can get about second place finishes. I'm waiting for the meltdown from Harvick... We shall see.
Onward... Forward... Upward..

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nice try but kyle was told by gibbs couple weeks ago during and after race to watch his mouth.

I don't understand the point of your comment Tombo, specifically the part "nice try." Respectfully.

you think hes out of line for stating facts that we all have witnessed lately then you add "even kyle busch" knowing the touble hes been in.

yes #4 pit team having trouble,kyle on the other hand still just throwing kry baby tantrums when things dont go his way.

If Harvick wants to see a crap team, he should go drive the 9 next year. Then he'd think this year was brilliant in comparison.

lol TOMBO thats not nice, lol im a kyle busch fan, man lol

I missed these interviews!  Does someone have a link so I can laugh...I mean watch?!

RowdyCowgirl, I looked for them on and as of this afternoon they weren't posted yet. I saw them on the Hub, and NASCAR America. Wait a few days and they should be on the page called Press Pass. If I find them I'll send you the hyperlink.

Harvick is a new team and actually doing well with a chance to win almost every week. I think the bad results encountered, due to either mechanical or from bad pit stops, has taken it's toll. He has always had the strong character of telling it like it is. That is nothing new about him. In actuality, Kevin and Kyle are very much the same in the way they show their passion to win and wear it out in the open on their sleeve. Best wishes to them both.




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to all members, I know that we all miss our Nascar racing, and we r sick of being under quarantine, but there is iracing...for those who enjoy it.  myself, I just can't get into it.   I fervently hope that real racing occurs soon.  as to the…Continue

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