Well, I watched the rest of the race and the highlights. It seems to me that while Harvick was in the garage for fifty some odd laps, during the remainder of the race, during postrace interviews, and while he was in his motor coach somebody would have, or should have pointed out to him the reason that Jimmie Johnson ended up on his door, or even shown him the video clip. From my view it appears that Logano tried to give Jimmie push at the starting line to advance position for both cars. Joey has done this more than once, and even tried to push Harvick earlier this season and basically turned him. Maybe Joey was too hard into the gas and the #4 and #48 cars were not. Regardless, Joey Logano gave Jimmie a shove leaving the #48 car with nowhere to go but down onto the apron. That “down onto the apron” point is very relevant because going into the turn at Chicago, on the apron is not a place where a driver wants to be. The transition into the banking is a bad spot. It also looked like Harvick, in his usual fashion was not going to give the #48 any room. The ironic part about that is that Kevin Harvick has complained about being “pinned down” more than once and even used that complaint to justify his dumping none other than Joey Logano back in April of 2012 at Pocono. The second problem the #4 team had was the decision to stay out and not pit. This is the defending championship team, half way through the first race of a ten race elimination. Isn’t it better to go one or two laps down and fight back towards the front with a very fast car and try and use the lucky dog or the wave arounds, then to spend fifty or so laps in the garage and finish 42nd? As far as the chest punch or the shove or whatever you want to call it, I’ve seen so much of this from Harvick since he came into NASCAR that I have to ask myself “even winning a championship won’t change his level of maturity?” Harvick started out the week making comments about JGR and doing the mind game thing. He ended the week 42nd at Chicago, dead last in the Chase, and watching a JGR car (who by the way went a lap down early) pretty much “stomp SHR into the ground.” Maybe Kevin should take a wife’s advice and “just shut up and drive.” Just my opinion.

Onward… Forward… Upward…

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I believe Hamiln was two laps down after his spin.

he was....unbelievable

I completely agree,Mark.And truth be told,Joey Logano and Ricky Rudd have said everything that needed to be said about Harvick...

not to his face,but long after they were separated.

anyway,logano has been wrecking,i mean over pushing on restarts all year to everyone.

nascar throwing another phantom caution with what 2 laps to go to give gibbs another win was so obvious too.

you alls opinion on this situation is yours but it is way would you feel after leading the points by a whole race all year to being last in points due to an over driving logano and Johnson not using his head that early in a race?

And Happy wasn't "pinned down" either....he could have given room that early in the race too....but we all know that isn't his style........LOL

no one said he was pinned down,he was holding his line when logano pushed jimmie off the track.

My point of view (and everyone has one) is that Joey wasn't pushing to help advance....on the prior restart Jimmie held up the field by not going and Joey checked up...this restart...he simply did not  :-)

nascar needs to black flag joey the next time he wrecks or nearly wrecks someone on the restart.

Johnson nearly spins out but saves it in the side of harvick.




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