We all hear the sad news this morning as Jeff Gordon announces to his team that 2015 will be his last official season fighting for a Championship.  Since the 1990’s he’s had an amazing career, he’s become a legend of the sport, and arguably one of the best drivers that ever took part in NASCAR.    He has an astonishing 92 career wins and 4 Championship Titles to his name.  He’s an honest, sincere and loyal guy with a great future ahead of him.  He’s always been a top competitor fighting for victories, ambassador for Chevrolet and a businessman with the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation. 

Now I’ve recently heard a ton of speculations that Jeff Gordon isn’t “retiring” because he wants to, but because Rick told him he had to, in order to make room for Chase Elliott.  I personally think Jeff Gordon choose to step down as he does have a lifetime contract with Hendrick.  However, many people have been saying he’s been forced to leave, and Chase is coming for sure.  Plus, there have been rumors that Gordon may not be retiring at all.  What do you think?  Is Jeff Gordon retiring because he wanted to? 

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I personally think he is just being a Male Diva like always trying to get attention since his popularity ratings have dropped and His racing skills haved declined ! Whatever happens he will continue to Whine like always!

LOL.....I agree....competition today is a whole different world from the 90's

Wow,,,that is just your opinion, Bob.  and u r entitled to it,,,,no, Moritz, i think it was Jeff's decision,,it is good that he is going out on top of his game.  I do not think his racing skills have declined at all....but he has been racing for a lot of years, and there is more to life than racing...

Sure he's leaving on his own.HMS is the house Jeff Gordon built.Why Rick would do that to Jeff?Kasey's old contract would end at the end of this year,I guess.It would be way easier to let him go and give the 5 cars to Elliott.And Bob,Jeff is a racing legend.Didi you expect no attention when he said he'll retire?And looking at last season,his driving skills are just fine...

obviously he was encouraged to leave early.

I just hope chase isn't a disappointment like so many other rookie phenoms.

Tombo, I think that Chase will do fine...We just need to remember that he will be a rookie, and not expect an immediate sensation.   Give him a little time and I expect he will be a great driver.   I am looking forward to this season and also to next,,,long live Nascar!!

I expect instant results out of rookies,like what stewart,harvick,busch,Edwards,Hamlin and,even tho he didn't get a win yet,Larson did,especially when getting in one of if not the best ride out there.

they got drive or they don't.

Oh yes,,,some do have great rookie seasons,,,and Larson surely did,,,i fully expect him to be in the chase this year,,,,and actually i would not be surprised if Chase won a race next year.  I am thrilled with all the new talent that is coming up....

First thing, Jeff will be 44 this August and going out on top of his game is a very smart thing to do, he's not the first one to do this, and he won't be the last. I have done a lot in my own life, it's a long list of accomplishments and I've done all that I ever wanting to do and maybe more and I have gone out of the working environment feeling I am  on top. That doesn't mean I'm done, just done doing what I always wanted to do. So has Jeff Gordon!

Secondly as a Nascar Driver their entire racing career is racing with very little personal time in their life. Picture yourself, all you do is work with no vacation, remember when they are not racing they are engaged with the fans, sponsors, manufactures, testing, and the list goes on. There is no such thing as a 8 hour day. And his net worth is approximately 200 million. 

Thirdly - There is no conspiracy theory here. Couldn't you tell by the way Jeff was acting this year, the man was pissed/angry, that's the sign that you are done. I know I've been there. Jeff Gordon will be around Nascar Racing for a very long time. I commend the man for what he has done for this sport, things we don't even know, but will come out as history is written about this man.

Lastly -  Read what Eve and Edu stated it makes a lot of sense. Leave all the drama and hype out and let's just watch the man race and enjoy. It's going to be a great year for racing!!!

Cheers!! :)

Very well put, Bob (BTB), you have made some valid points..,,,TY.

Thanks for your input everyone! I was just curious of what y'all thought about Gordon's final year. Great responses and info!


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