I'll let the picture above speak for itself.

I'm ashamed to say I was tired and not feeling too well and I went to bed in the middle of the race. Something I have never done before. At that point, Jimmie was a lap down, Kenseth was a lap down. Harvick was leading. Only Larson was really looking good. (I also found out later than he wrecked). I'd thought to myself when I went to bed that I probably wouldn't bother to go back and and watch the rest if Harvick won....and well, you know what happened.

I despise these years when one team totally dominates. NASCAR always says that their modus operandi is to get the cars equal but they aren't equal are they? The NASCAR management would be better off to leave it up to the crew chiefs to work it out instead of leveling all these picayune penalties, suspensions and point losses. Call it cheating or call it creativity, I call it innovation. And once it is introduced by one the team, the other always catch on and catch up.

Of course, the big news this week has been that the France family is seeking buyers for NASCAR. That doesn't surprise me too much. First, I think the France's lost their passion for NASCAR after the last generation. Brian France, who sold his share long ago although he's still CEO, seems positively bored by it.

Secondly, I don't think one family owning a major sport is a good business model in today's world. It will probably end up being sold to a consortium and then to a division of owners like the NFL. We have to hope that changes that radical will come with new blood and new ideas. Owning a sport, or even just a team, or being a series sponsor, is simply beyond the capabilities of all but the richest people and companies.

Maybe when Donald Trump is done being president, he'll buy it. ha!ha!

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I hope you feeling better today.

one or two teams have always been dominate like this.look at 1997,two guys won almost all the happens every few years,nothing new.

sometimes when people say they are looking to sell don't always mean they are selling.sometimes its to set a value on something to get loans to buy more.i think nascar wants to buy more smaller racing series and maybe even tracks.just take out the competition by buying them out.i think teams should buy it.

and when president Trump is done being president in 2024 ,he might just buy nascar and maker it better than ever too like he has done with our now great again country.


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