As many of you know, Brad Keselowski is an active member on the Twitter-o-sphere, and I enjoy keeping up with his posts on everything from hockey to race setups and NASCAR's rule package to other drivers. But one post that I was reading from his archives really impressed me. He was talking about Danica Patrick and how she affects the sport. He posted several updates on specifically how she affected fans, current and future drivers, the sport itself, and others. Here's what he drew in conclusion.

"Some of the best racers I competed against as a kid were girls. Although I never raced against Danica growing up I’m sure she was one of those exceptionally talented and skilled girls…there were many reasons the talented girls didn’t make it along the way. Some didn’t like the label of a female race car drivers. Others, wanted to for a boyfriend and later family. Kudos to Danica for sticking it out. Most don’t and I respect her accordingly. All that said, her assent up the ladder of the sport thru various branding ‘techniques’ (swimsuit ads, etc) only serves to undermine the future credibility of female racers who wish to make it based on skill, mental toughness, and a never give up attitude. That, to me, is wrong."

First of all, kudos to Brad for speaking his mind on this subject. Very few, if any, other drivers would make such a controversial post like that. But let's get to the point: I couldn't agree with Brad more about this. I believe that most NASCAR fans see Danica Patrick as a GoDaddy model than a racer. I think that racing should be driver first, spokesperson second; not the other way around. I'm not against her sponsorship success, and I don't want her to fall off the face of the earth. She is good for the sport's popularity, adds to merchandise profits, and makes television ratings go through the roof. But the way she does it is detrimental to the long-term aspect of her career. Once either GoDaddy releases her or she gets older and looses her looks, I doubt she would last much longer as a driver.

What is your opinion on this subject?

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I agree with Brad and have said so.......but then I was accused of being jealous....LOL...with that said, Tony and JR are very smart businessmen!

I'm a Brad K fan but I get so tired of self-righteous men who have always had entree into certain worlds on the strength of freakin' gender and family who then put down women for having to find another path. Yeah, I suppose if Danica had come from a racing family like Brad who was able to just slide right into racing or even better, like the Dillons, who've had the best of everything from Day One, that would have been a more acceptable way according to Brad and you too. Well, Bull, she got there however she had to get there and I say more power to her!

She finished ahead of both her teammates last night, including Dale, jr.

I'll pay $250!!  lol   =)


I think it'll be good to have Danica in the sport. That's just my opinion though.  Follow me on Twitter, at: michaelmilne4 if you have an account. Thanks.




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