I have never nor will I ever instigate cyber bullying on this or any other site. I have never told anyone this but I have a young grandson that has Lupus, for those of you who do not know what this is google it. It is deadly and there is no cure. Because of masses doses of Chemo and Steriods he has gained a lot of weight, he has been Bullied relentlessly in school.

He is on his third school in less than a year because of the cruelty of other kids, he has been in therapy and has talked about suicide, he's on 19 medications a day. I will never bully anyone on this site but in turn I will not be bullied by another member or a moderator. I will simply tell you where you can go and leave this site .

I love this site and most of the members here, it's an outlet for me since I live in the sticks and I have no family close by. A couple of my friends have been booted off this site because of bulling...they gave as good as they got, never did they instigate it to my knowledge.

Dave has a wonderful site here, he cannot babysit the members or his moderators on this site 24/7. And as a foot note here those of you who are irritated about some people typing in caps, please be the intelligent adults that you are, it's not like you can actually hear them yelling, or can you? That's really elementary stuff.

I'll put my soap box away now.

Thank you,

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You are totally right. lets try to keep this site clean and user friendly(and I mean friendly).

bootsy, i am glad to call you friend.  everything you said makes sense.  i am sorry that your grandson has lupus. i am sending prayers for him.  every family has heartaches, some physical, others emotional or other causes.  we can all look to God for strength to deal with these things.  you are a very strong lady.  there are many wonderful people on this site, and you are one of them.















That's my Girl.. Boots, Who is it? Me and Lisa will have a very Nice ,Polite talk with them about Southern manners. But one thing about Bullies..Stand your ground and look them right in the screen, and tell them.... Well, that would be poor manners on my part.. But I have found out over the years is, it isn't about you (the poor soul that takes the crap.) but about trying to make Them,( the idiot giving the crap.) feel better about themselves. You know I'm with ya.... Let me know if we need a Posse meeting..((( and if your the Bully out there.. YOU SHOULD REALLY START SHAKING IN YOUR BOOTS!!!!!!!

Let me clarify something here, defending yourself against a BULLY in my opinion is just that..defending yourself. my friends has never instigated a fight on here nor did they allow themselves to be bullied. Like Dave said, you got a problem with what someone says take it to private chat or send a private message....I think this should apply to the moderators also.

yes, I agree, if one of the mods is at issue with something someone is doing in chat, PLEASE take it private. We can't expect people to do this if we don't. Thanks for bringing that up Bootsy.

I'll take responsibility for the 'caps' issue I guess. It's a pet-peeve of mine and I just can't stand it. But in my defense I never said anything derogatory or insulting to anyone about using caps. I think my comment in chat was "well as much as I enjoy 'caps', i gotta run, later". That was it. The escalation of my issue with caps was caused by other people and it boiled over to the next day and when I signed in to chat that's all everyone was talking about. I would just like to say to be sure you know who started the problem before accusations are made, this will help this site and the chat in a lot of ways.


Those close to me, and people from other sites that know me, and some ppl here know that I speak my mind, no matter the issue. I will be the first to admit that it gets the best of me sometimes, it is a flaw, and we all have them. When I am in discussion over a certain issue whether it be nascar talk or life in general, I speak my mind. Some people don't like how forward I am, hell a lot of ppl don't like it. But for the sake of the site and my sanity I will try to bite my tongue when the need arises. I apologize if my 'flaw' has disrespected anyone or made anyone feel uncomfortable. I am very easy to talk to and if you feel disrespected by me or anything I have done or said, please do not hesitate to message me or pm me and let me know. It's one thing to have this 'speak my mind problem', it's another thing to not know when I am doing it and I end up hurting my friends and people on here. Thanks for taking the initiative, bootsy.

Naz, I have never been bullied on this site. I just want everyone to get along, yeah we have fun on here about drivers and such and I love it and it's all in fun. Dave has provided us a wonderful site here and we did come over here on other people's territory and they have gracefully accepted us, I hope,lol. Let's have fun and get along.
I have a lot of flaws myself, if you don't believe me just ask my husband..If I get out of line I hope someone will reel me in.

Well HELL... Now Covi has went all New age Spooky on Me.. But your right..We have Both inside, We as people choose with path to folow. Damn... Now she has me doing it.....

LOVE IT L! Perfect!

i have heard that story before, covi, but it still holds a world of wisdom.  you are such a smart, strong lady.  i KNEW there was a reason that i liked you so much!

Lisa, love ya girlfriend. what a wonderful story. it


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