I have never nor will I ever instigate cyber bullying on this or any other site. I have never told anyone this but I have a young grandson that has Lupus, for those of you who do not know what this is google it. It is deadly and there is no cure. Because of masses doses of Chemo and Steriods he has gained a lot of weight, he has been Bullied relentlessly in school.

He is on his third school in less than a year because of the cruelty of other kids, he has been in therapy and has talked about suicide, he's on 19 medications a day. I will never bully anyone on this site but in turn I will not be bullied by another member or a moderator. I will simply tell you where you can go and leave this site .

I love this site and most of the members here, it's an outlet for me since I live in the sticks and I have no family close by. A couple of my friends have been booted off this site because of bulling...they gave as good as they got, never did they instigate it to my knowledge.

Dave has a wonderful site here, he cannot babysit the members or his moderators on this site 24/7. And as a foot note here those of you who are irritated about some people typing in caps, please be the intelligent adults that you are, it's not like you can actually hear them yelling, or can you? That's really elementary stuff.

I'll put my soap box away now.

Thank you,

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This is what is called self policing, and I love it. The members sorting things out themselves. The way it should be!

Mo, I agree buddy,lol. Especially if that's all ya have handy at the time. Good morning friend!!!!!!!

Or pull their wings off and watch them hop around! lol

Ya, I have to agree with you 100%.  I have never been bullied/made fun of, at all, in any sort of way. I'm sort of one of the top people, in away in the groups I'm in, I'm like at the top in the cool groups. I can't say what it's like, cause i've never done it to anyone either, nor ever will i.  So i have no expierences. However, i have seen a friend of mine being bullied, and it's not good. It can be hard to do something if you see someone in pain. You have to do the right thing, and stop the pain. I didn't help the problem at all, despite that, he's fine though. Point being, there should be no cyber-bullying here. It's not allowed, and won't happen. Please Everyone, be mature, respectful. Thanks.


Wonder why anyone,in the first place,said HA! is yelling. Caps maybe improper writing,but yelling? Just an opinion.



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