To be eligible to compete in this game for nascar prizes, you just need to make a small donation to NN. All members who have donated in 2014 up until the Daytona race are eligible. Grace period for donating: 3/15/15 before the Phoenix race... This is to help defray cost of prizes and shipping.  Anyone can play the game just for fun, if they choose.   Those playing for prizes will have an * beside their names,,The game will be an easy one, just name 3 different drivers each week that you feel will finish highest.  Have fun,,,

The game will be in 3 segments. Each segment champion will get a prize, then over all winner will receive a prize also.
Spring Segment Champion:
Summer Segment Champion:
Play off Segment Champion:
Overall Segment Champion:

Hoping to get pictures of prizes to choose from up soon ..

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