Well, my NASCAR season hasn't started out so hot. I missed part of a race (can't remember which one - Kevin Harvick won) because I forgot to set my clock forward and by the time I tuned it was a third over.

I missed Sonoma entirely because Fox had a glitch. Ironic, because I hate Fox and wouldn't care if all their stations went defunct...except for NASCAR. But that was the one I couldn't get. Figures. I probably could have live-streamed it but since I fell and hurt my eye, it is even hard to distinguish individual cars and read the crawl on the large screen.

I had mixed emotions about Clint Bowyer winning in Martinsville. I always liked Clint until he was such a whiny brat the year he was with a lesser team. Instead of putting his heart into helping HScott Motorsports improve like Kurt Busch did at Furniture Row, he sulked and acted like he was too good for the team. And he knew he only had a year to wait before going to Stewart-Haas.

Still, how can you not be happy for someone who breaks a 190-race losing streak (third longest in NASCAR)? That wasn't just a monkey on his back but King Kong. And he did do a hell of a burn out.

This was supposed to be the year the newbies took on the older drivers. So far, experience is proving to be the more valuable quantity. Austen Dillon, who won the Daytona 500, can't really be considered a young'un anymore. Other than that, the wise old drivers have won them all. And of the teams, Stewart-Haas looks to be the most advanced.

I hope Hendrick and I, heck, the Chevrolets in general, can get off the dime together next week at Texas.

I voted for my Hall of Fame nominees. You could vote for five but I only voted for two - Jeff Gordon and Alan Kulwicki. I haven't been around NASCAR long enough to be well versed on the careers of the older guys so I'll let people who have more knowledge make those choices.

I got into an argument with a friend of mine who works for Lowe's. I told him I guessed I'd start going to Menards after this year because Lowe's is leaving Jimmie and NASCAR. My friend tried to make excuses - "their financial situation isn't as flush as it used to be" - "it costs millions to field a championship quality car" - blah, blah, blah. I wasn't buying any of it. Lowe's made Jimmie and Jimmie made Lowe's. They should stick together to the end.

I wonder who his new sponsor will be?

I'm really looking forward to seeing the race on the Roval road course at Charlotte this year.

No matter how much I may gripe about this or that in NASCAR, I absolutely hate off-weekends!

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off weeks do suck and the "roval" is making nascar lose even more fans.more circus attraction garbage for the very few fans that like that kinda stuff..but you are right about lowes..lowes is a many more years is he going to be racing,3 or 4?they were with him for over 15 years and on the last few they are like "well its been fun but we got to go."....

I love you, Tombo! No matter how cynical I may be, you always outdo me!


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