I saw the article and the things Bowyer has said about his team and have this to say;

Clint is supposed to be the one person in this situation to build this team up mentally, and perhaps elevate them a notch or two. He's been in Cup 12 years and has 11 wins and zero Cup titles. That puts him on par with a guy like Greg Biffle (15 years, 19 wins and zero Cup titles). He's had a prima donna attitude since his days of limited success at RCR and it carried over into his not so successful tenure with MWR. In both of those shops, he had opportunities to do well in top tier eqipment... He did mediocre at best. Clint has one job, he's half at it. Do I understand his frustration? No. Can I see him being frustrated? Yes. Ford has managed to coax SHR, a two time Cup title organization, away from arguably the best equipment in NASCAR at HMS for a reason. Ford is bent on winning again. They have a powerhouse with Penske, are trying to revive RFR, and have added SHR to their stable to do just that. Clint Bowyer needs to take a deep breath, and understand the big picture. Kurt Busch went through this, brought a small one car team onto the podium, changed his persona, gained fans (including myself), and landed on a premier team. Martin Truex (Bowyer's former teammate) was also able to capitalize by picking up the very seat with the organization and team that Kurt Busch helped elevate while he reworked his image, his career, and from the way it appears, his person. Bowyer hasn't seemed to grasp that, the gravity of his role, or his opportunity at H-Scott Motorsports. One would think that somebody in Bowyer's corner would tell him that. There are always athletes that transcend their sport. Michael Jordon, Nolan Ryan, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana, Jimmie Johnson, Jerry Rice just to name a few. The one thing that every athlete I just named have in common is that every weekend, these athletes went to work. They shut up, buckled up, laced up, taped up, and strapped in, shut their mouths and went to work. There are a few exceptions. Dennis Rodman, Mohammed Ali, Darrell Waltrip, John McEnroe... But Clint Bowyer ain' John McEnroe... Know what I mean? Perhaps this team needs a young rookie, or an older vet like Elliott Sadler, or Johnny Sauter that would actually appreciate the ride, and the chance to race in Cup. Perhaps Bowyer needs to do what mamma used to tell me to do... "Just shut up and drive." Just an opinion from and old time fan who is tired of talking about lugnuts, or what a drivers wife let slip when her husband lost the lead in the center of turns 3 and 4 coming to the checkers.

Onward... Forward...Upward...

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yeah bowyer sucks and hasn't lived up to expectations but the lug nut thing is a serious issue that has barely been talked about until tony did.its been altering the outcomes of races,putting drivers and fans in danger,ect.

Thanks Tombo. I know that the lug nut issue is a serious issue. I also think Tony was right in calling NASCAR out on it. That part of my discussion was more geared at the fans I heard on Sirius NASCAR Radio coming up with ideas about it that would change the racing in major ways. The worse was on Claire B Lang's show when a fan suggested bringing ALL of the cars in, giving them 20 seconds before they could leave the pit box and then all leaving at the same time. I'm sure Keystone Light 'sponsored' that idea if ya know what I mean. 




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to all members, I know that we all miss our Nascar racing, and we r sick of being under quarantine, but there is iracing...for those who enjoy it.  myself, I just can't get into it.   I fervently hope that real racing occurs soon.  as to the…Continue

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