One of my daughters has had two tumors removed,,from lungs and brain, both malignant. stage 4 cancer. she had her first radiation treatment today.

I wrote this shortly after I was told.

Sometimes we don't want it to do that.
We want to just remain in the present.
We dread what the future may bring.
But we soon realize that time cannot be stopped. And,,
So we learn to deal with things.
We find solace in the support of friends.
We treasure the time we have now.
We reach deep inside ourselves for strength,
that we didn't even know we had. Because,,
I trust that the future holds good times and happiness.
I know that i am thankful for everything,
and everyone in my life. I have peace and love and faith. And,,

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Sorry about it,angel.Praying for her to get healthy as soon as possible...

thank u so much, eddie,,i appreciate it.

Oh Eve, so sorry to hear this. My friend went to the ER on Monday for kidney failure  from her cancer and then went to hospice on Wednesday and passed Thursday morning. Your poem is very poignant to me. Thanks for sharing.

thank u princess.  doctor said she has a 1 to 2 % chance of surviving stage 4 cancer,  she is optimistic.  she finished a round of radiation this week..

Oh sorry honey

Continued Prayers Eve...Stay Strong...

thank you,  H S and Waco..she is having another scan next week to see if it has spread further. 

Continued Prayers Eve... :-) ...

Eve, I am sorry to hear about it, I will be adding your family to my prayers.

thx, cuda.  her oncologist is starting her on a IVIG now,,it is an alternative to chemotherapy...she will be infused with medications every 3 weeks for a year,,it takes about an hour each time..she is still feeling very positive,,,,i hope it helps her.

Eve, this is a most beautiful sentiment which you have written.
We don't know what the future may bring, or how long it may last... but what we do know as that while we are alive here in the present, we are always capable of love and good deeds.
May your kind words bring you much blessings and peace.
May your daughter know that she is loved, and that there are many out there who care and wish her the best.
May my words find you, so that you know that you are never alone and that folks who'll you'll most likely never meet still deeply care about you and your daughter and family.

thank u, George.  your words r kind, and appreciated.




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