I swear, if Danica doesn't have the worst luck of anyone in NASCAR... She can be going along minding her own business and blam, someone from out of nowhere smacks her. It isn't always the other guy's fault either. Sometimes, it just fate's fault. And it seems like her wrecks are rarely little fender benders, several of them have been seriously hard crashes. I root for her in every race and will continue to do so but damn, come on, Luck, give the girl a break!

As far as the rest of the race goes, I really like road courses, not a steady diet of them, of course. I think one more per season would be just about right. I like the left turns and right turns and ups and downs and the close quarters. I enjoy how many different strategies are at play in one race. I heard someone on t.v. say that we wouldn't have any more fuel mileage races at Sonoma because of stage racing. They said from now on, it would be more about tires. But Sunday, almost came down to fuel mileage. At least some teams were sweating whether they had enough to make it to the end including the winner, Kevin Harvick. So much for that theory. I like races in which tires fall off. There's more suspense when crew chiefs have to decide between tires and track position and driver's have to consider how they manage their tires. .

It was an odd race for me because I wasn't feeling well and laid down for a nap after the first stage (another stage win for Truex!) My dvr isn't working so I couldn't record it. I went back in the kitchen just in time to hear that Jimmie had won the second stage.....and then, that was just about the end of him!

I was happy to see Harvick win. I prefer to see all the past champions in the play-offs. We know they are the top drivers and barring, a catastrophic season, they deserve to be there. Staying in that vein, it is surely time for Kyle Busch to win. That would be true of all the Gibbs drivers but Kyle is the one who has been the most competitive so far this year.

Many of us have learned a new word in the last few weeks. I spent many years working for local government so I was familiary with the word "encumber". It is when you have money in the budget but there is a block on it because it's meant for a particular expenditure. For instance, you might encumber funds to buy cars when the new models come out. I'd never heard that term in any other context until NASCAR "encumbered" Joey's win at Richmond. Yes, the win is there and he gets credit for it in the record book but he can't use it as his entry into the Chase. So, there we go - NASCAR is an educational sport!

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