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* Well, the first race in the championship is under our belt and it ended in a totally expected way, as good as Furniture Row has been all year. Honestly, I like Martin Truex, Jr. I would not mind seeing him win the championship this year. But I've got to say, the superiority of the 78 is starting to make the races rather boring.

I agree to some extent with Brad Keselowski. When I first became a NASCAR fan, the honchos of the sport were all about "parity". They trumpeted this theme constantly. Most of the changes they made were in the hope of making the cars more competitive with one another.

That seems to have changed. In this part of the season, the Toyotas appear to have the most speed over all. That doesn't bother me. It happens. One manufacturer makes gains and gets an edge. Then the others catch up and it starts all over. Next time, another manufacturer zooms ahead. That's the natural course of events.

But what doesn't seem natural is that one team is consistently faster than everyone else. So far ahead that they can get two huge penalties for pit road violations and it's like it never even happened. Start at the back twice and in no time, they pass all the other cars and they're back up front.

The 78 is so far ahead in points from winning races and stages, barring a catastrophe, I don't see how anyone else can hope to catch up.

What makes them so much faster? Does NASCAR know? Do they care? Inquiring minds want to know.

I would say the same if it was Jimmie. I always root for him to win but I like the races best where he has to fight for it. A season where the same car dominates week after week loses part of the fun even if that car is my car.

* And, oh, for God's sake, the way the reporters handled the back and forth between Kes and Kyle B regarding Toyotas being faster showed their delicate sensitivities.

"Kyle's tweet was so foul," they simpered, "we can't even tell you what it was."

Really? STFU? I only see that on Facebook about a 100 times a day. Isn't the he-man sport being a little politically correct here?

* I absolutely hate it that Danica Patrick won't return to Stewart Haas. I hope she gets a ride somewhere. I don't care if she isn't at the top of the leaderboard, NASCAR needs a female presence to encourage all the young girls who dream of being race car drivers. She adds something to the NASCAR family portrait of all those white male faces.

* So many drivers losing their rides? Besides Danica, there's Matt Kenseth, Kurt Busch (what do we know about Kurt Busch?), Aric Almirola, Kasey Kahne and probably more I'm forgetting. I'm all for the youth movement but that's two past champions left by the wayside along with the winners of other races.

Hard on an old lady's memory. I keep getting the two new kids at Hendrick confused. It will probably take me a couple of months next year to get everyone settled in their places.


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