Are You Having Issues With Various Websites? Do You Use Internet Explorer? READ HERE!

Hi folks!


 I just wanted to shoot everyone a tip about Internet Explorer issues. As of late, people are reporting heavily that Internet Explorer is causing several problems such as when you hit "Enter" or "Submit" type buttons, the command is not getting through correctly to the websites. 

 I personally gave up on Internet Explorer about 6 years ago, and started using Mozilla Firefox, and for the most part, constant issues stopped. Well, I'm going to recommend Firefox to you, but I'm also going to suggest another, and give it a 1-up over Firefox, and that browser is Google Chrome. It runs extremely clean and fast, and I personally have had no issues with it at all. Every website I visit operates through Chrome as it is expected to, and this is a GREAT thing, considering we all have no time to have to wonder if the browser isn't working correctly or if it's the website you are on (in most cases, it's Internet Explorer that is the issue).

 I recommend trying both Firefox and Chrome, see which you like better, as both are working TONS better than Internet Explorer, but again, Chrome is the choice for me! Check em out!


Dave Norris

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Thanks Dave for looking out for your NN people!  Listen to him guys, it's good advice!


I disabled IE on my computer a couple of years ago.   I was also using Firefox as a replacement but recently switched to Google Chrome also.  So much better than IE!  

I've been using Firefox for years and have no issues. I have Chrome downloaded too, just in case....

I just started using Google Chrome, it works way better than IE.


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