I am so looking forward to the Brickyard. Wouldn't you know practice and qualifying were rained out and maybe the race will be too but luckily, I'm retired and can can watch of Monday if I have to. (I would probably call in sick if I was still working!) I have missed so many races, mostly due to cable t.v. problems, and it is difficult to to maintain your interest to the same high degree when you can't be there via television. My eyesight has gotten so bad, I can barely see the crawl on a wide screen television set, much less live streaming it.

Even though Indy is not the greatest track to watch a race in person (you only see the cars about halfway around and you used to roast to death), I have a special soft spot for it, both because of its history and because it is my home track. Love that yard of bricks!

Whenever they run this race, I'll be wearing my Jimmie Johnson gear. I'll paste a four-leafed clover on my forehead. There will be a rabbit's foot in my pocket and my rosary around my neck...not to mention keeping my fingers crossed.

This race for me is all about the 48. I'd be so happy if Jimmie won but I'll be satisfied if he finishes high enough to get into the play-offs. For this is the race that will tell the tale. Who will get to compete for the championship? Jimmie has never missed a trophy run in his career and I pray he doesn't miss now.

I've been trying to keep up with NASCAR news as best I can. There have been some sad developments lately Front Row Racing will close after this season despite hoisting the trophy just last year but Barney Visser says NASCAR's business model just doesn't work. He'd have to borrow money to keep the team going and he isn't going to do that.

Also, Elliott Sadler is retiring. Elliott has been one of the most colorful and personable drivers on the circuit and his impish sense of humor will be missed. He believes NASCAR would benefit from having gambling at the track on race weekends and I agree.

Someone else said - sorry, I forget who - that NASCAR race cars should go back to being more like the stock cars of old. I agree with that too. It would certainly help new owners come into the sport so that you wouldn't have to be a billionaire to field a team. And when they throw out half the rule book on rigid car specs, they should also throw out half the rule book about the innovations crew chiefs can make as well. Let them innovate unless the cheating is egregious.

When the Wood Brothers came up with the speedy pit stop, were they cheating or being creative? Today, I think they would be accused of cheating.

Here's a modern change in NASCAR that I personally don't care for but it may be because I am old and stodgy. When I first became a fan (which was only 2008), most of the NASCAR websites consisted of articles. Oh, there were videos too but the highest percentage of commentary involved writing. Now segments are almost all videos with not nearly as much analysis....and the majority of those videos have commercials built in.

But none of that is such a big deal. What I really want is for Jimmie to excel in Indianapolis!

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