I am new to Nascar Nation but have been a Nascar fan for over 35 yrs.  Wow showing my age.  LOL.  Nascar is my favorite sport.  I have never missed a race  on TV.  Unfortunately I got injured 11 yrs ago and had surgery in which the Surgeon operated on the wrong side of my neck which has left me disabled.  I had been going to the Richmond Race for over 20 yrs but missed last yr due to the pain.  When the Nascar Race is on everyone knows not to call me for I will not talk.  I love Nascar Racing and win the season ends every year I go into a depression until Feb.  comes the next yr.  I love meeting other Nascar friends and talk about the race each week.  Send me a message and I will be glad to chat with you.  Boogity Boogity Boogity Let's go racing boys!!!!!!!

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Thanks Smackdaddy.  Chat tomorrow and have a good week.
Hi Mike, I am happily married to my high school sweetheart for 33 yrs.  That does not mean we cannot be friends and chat.  I am a very loving and caring person and try to help other feel better.  I am disabled and so is my husband.  I was disabled at 40 when I fell on ice and the Dr. operated on the wrong side of my neck.  He threw away the surgical notes so I could not do anything to him.  I am in pain 24/7 365 days a year.  This group has helped me not think about the pain as much and I have met so many great friends on here that will last a lifetime to me.  My dad is having glaucoma surgery, this is the 2nd one.  This one is for the right eye.  My mom has had 6 eye surgeries concerning the retina.  They have done lense replacement but she has to have more work on the other eye.  When I can think of the disease she has, I will let you know.  Just cannot think of it now.  We can chat all you want.  I have many buddies and my sweet husband does not mind.  He is a Nascar fan also and glad we both like Dale Jr.  Football, I will not get into that one.  Big rivalry.  Chat soon and keep in touch and hope you feel better soon. Your Nascar buddy and friend Joyce



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