I heard a lot of grumbling about the re-tooled 2014 Chase format during the season and it extended into the Chase itself. Too many people involved. Not enough winners. How can guys with no wins deserve to be in the Chase. No one will care about the other X racers beyond the Chasers. Why would I even watch if my guy isn't in the Chase? And more.

I wasn't a huge fan of the changes and still don't like some things about it, but I will have to say two things:

1. This Chase was more exciting than several recent ones (not Stewart/Edwards)

2. The best man won it

I was excited to see Newman racing for the title, not because it would have killed the "win and in" plan to have a winless driver take the title (the whole reason we got the Chase - thanks Matt Kenseth) but because he raced hard all season and worked his way in. 

However, I think if NASCAR really wants to reward winning, they need to continue to give the drivers their bonus points for wins each time the Chase resets. Just an idea.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Chase? On Kevin winning? On Xxxxxx losing? 

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i agree on that also, will,,,they should keep the points for winning,

I'm not a Jeff Gordon fan and I was rooting for Ryan (along with Kevin) at Homestead, but those extra bonus points for winning would have made a difference. And they would have continued to put an emphasis on winning.....

Well put Will, Bravo.

To me, Ryan drove his butt off against the more powerful race teams and for him to accomplish this, just put another spin on the Chase.

Yes - Harvick is the man for 2014.

Yes - More points for winning.

Yes - One of the most exciting race seasons on many years.

Yes - I mean No Comment -  On Xxxxxx losing, lol

By Xxxxx I meant your favorite driver not making the Chase or getting booted during the Chase. "I'm done with NASCAR b/c Jimmie isn't going to win". "No Jr, no me." Stuff I heard during the Chase. I'm not sure if anyone saw the Busch Series or Truck Series. Those were representative of how Cup was before the Chase. Either someone had it wrapped up and didn't even need to start the season finale at ATLANTA or there were a couple people with a chance to win it (1992 comes to mind). 

You are so right on the extra points making a big difference,,,,and then the wins would be truly rewarded,,looking forward to 2015.  i am a diehard nascar fan.

by this new format harvick would have been winless champion in '08 so they new it was very possible of happening.

also edwards and hamlin would have been rookie champions in '05 and '06.

we knew there was a chance an undeserving champion and was 1 position from it happening. 


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